As the weather is so amazing at the moment, we can’t help but think of the fabulous flowers in our gardens.

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be a daunting task. There’s lots to consider; time of year, what’s in season, colours, buttons holes, bridesmaids and flower girls, best man and ushers, flowers for the Mother of the bride, Mother of the groom, wedding bouquets, table decorations, venue decorations, church flowers…

See our point?


But why do Brides have a bouquet?

Brides held and wore flowers in their hair in Ancient Rome, the flowers signified new beginnings, fidelity and the hope of future fertility. Then, in the Middle Ages, herbs and spices were used to mask the smell of body odour – which was very common around that time!

The Victorian’s – like a lot of other British traditions – made the bouquet popular when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. She carried a small bouquet of flowers with moss and orange blossom.

Back to present day we now select flowers for their colours and shape. A bridal bouquet is the ultimate accessory and a fabulous way to express your individuality, whilst complimenting the wedding theme and other floral arrangements.

Top tips for wedding flowers

  1. Make a list of what you’d like – make it personal to you
  2. Go and see your local florists for a rough price
  3. Set a budget – and try to stick to it!
  4. Try to use seasonal varieties and locally grown – this should keep the price down
  5. Recycle the flowers throughout the day – your ceremony flowers can become table decorations
  6. Use plants as table decorations, then your guests can take them home as a gift

Ask yourself:

  1. Could you hire fake floral displays instead?
  2. Do you really need flowers for your centrepieces?
  3. Would your buttonholes look just as nice with a small bunch of lavender?

We hope this has given you a few things to bear in mind, good luck with choosing your perfect flowers for your beautiful wedding day!