A new study reports that Millennial brides (born between 1981 to 1996) are moving away from old-fashioned wedding traditions and embracing technology and social media. As this generation have grown up with social media, the emphasise on their wedding to look spectacular when shared online is extremely important.

500 millennial women aged 25 to 34 were surveyed about their wedding plans, 25% of brides plan to create a Snapchat geofilter, and 37% will use a personalised hashtag so they can view all photos and videos of their wedding day uploaded to social media.

Videos are now more popular than ever. Millennials are booking videographers to create a block-buster-style wedding film so they have the entire day captured forever in both movement and sound.

Now, instead of posting a physical save the date card and wedding invitation, brides and grooms are using platforms such as Facebook to send information to their guests. Or alternatively sending an email to direct the wedding party to a personalised website for news.

Social media also plays a massive part in the planning of a wedding. Millennials are creating social media journals to record their wedding journey, and are searching Facebook and Instagram to find their wedding suppliers. This highlights the importance of wedding traders not only keeping their online presence current, but also using hashtags on social media posts.

The Millennials’ weddings ceremonies are definitely using the digital world to source, plan and share the biggest day of their lives. In conclusion, it’s clear that for suppliers of wedding products and services, digital marketing isn’t the future it’s the now.