Chocolate, vanilla sponge, fruit, cup cakes, cheese! When it comes to wedding cakes there’s so much choice. Where do you start? How much do you spend? How big does it need to be? Let them eat cake!

With so many places to buy a wedding cake, whether you want a bespoke, individual cake or something off the shelf, it can be a minefield.

My (Sarah’s) wedding cake was one simple fruit cake baked by my mum (it’s a secret family recipe), then covered in almond paste and royal icing. I decorated it with some vintage lace and a few flowers from my bouquet. It was perfect, it tasted amazing and there was enough for our 17 guests.

A friend of mine had a three tiered wedding cake, each layer was a different flavour – chocolate, lemon and fruit cake – and was decorated with hand made icing flowers. It looked magnificent and also tasted incredible, but cost her over £1,000.

Alternatively, have a cheese cake, a fabulous stack of local quality cheeses. These can look stunning with their rustic charm and maybe your guests can enjoy cheese and biscuits instead of cake? They tend to work out cheaper than cake too!

My advice would be; it’s your day, have what you want, let them eat cake (or cheese)!