How will you arrive at your wedding?

There’s so much to choose from; traditional vintage wedding cars, a limousine, horse and cart, a Vespa scooter, or even a VW Campervan?


Depending on your budget, style and location and whether you want to arrive at your wedding ceremony together or with a few of your guests, there’s much to think about.

I (Sarah) had a lift to the registry office in my dads campervan, he was driving – so doubled up as my chauffeur – my bridesmaid and mum were sat in the back. It was awesome, we drove through a busy sunny Ilfracombe with a big ribbon on the van, stopping at pedestrian crossings while people waved and wished me luck. These were some of the best memories of my day, I felt incredibly special and was so excited.

Then, after we’d got married, I got driven from the registry office, with my new husband in our own camper van, again decorated with ribbons.

My point is, if you’re going to have a wedding car make sure it’s personal to you. It’s the last transport you’re going to take as a single person and the first transport as a married person. You can create some fabulous memories of your big day and have beautiful photos to keep forever.

Maybe you love a friends car and they’ll let you borrow it or have always wanted to arrive at a wedding in a VW Beetle? You’ve seen yourself in a horse and cart decorated with beautiful wedding flowers, or would love a limousine.