In the UK the average hen party costs £157 per person, and with a 50% rise in the last few years there’s no wonder brides feel pressured to have the best do ever!

First of all, appoint your chief bridesmaid or best friend as head organiser, too many cooks spoil the broth, so you don’t want to ask everybody’s opinion as they’ll all be different and only cause problems.

Then, what shall you do?

Decide on a budget, be realistic, what can your friends afford? It’s ok wanting a week in Ibiza, but If your nearest and dearest can’t come, what’s the point?

Research your ideas, maybe you’d like a small gathering around your mum’s house, or a boozy night out in your local city. A weekend in London, or walking and glamping in Cornwall.  


Traditionally, all the gals would gather for a sending off of the bride-to-be. The hen do – as we know it – started in the 1960s when women became more liberated, but they became popular in the 1980s. The hen do was regarded as a naughty night out with your besties, where secrets got shared and maybe a stripper would appear and give you a thrill! 

Nowadays, the traditional; go out / get drunk / watch a stripper / embarrass some men / do some dares hen do – is still very popular. But why not try something different?  

Going against tradition

As a bride you may have more male best friends, or want to have a joint party with your fiancé. You may be having a same-sex wedding, so have two hen or stag dos to organise.    

What suits you?

Don’t be pushed in to a night out / weekend away that you don’t want, it’s your hen party, so make sure it’s relevant to you! 

Remember, this is your last major event as a single person, so have an amazing time!  

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